Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Daily Challenge June 19, 2013 (Crescent Upgrade...

Crescent Upgrades - For every five towers listed, the first is 0|0, second is 1|1, third is 2|2, fourth is 3|3 and fifth is 4|4. Rounds 1 - 65. 1 of each tower, 8 towers max. By Simone Esposito

Dart Monkey, Bomb Tower, Super Monkey, Dartling Gun - no upgrades available
Tack Shooter, Ice Tower, Monkey Apprentice, Spike Factory - each limited to 1|1
Sniper Monkey, Glue Gunner, Monkey Village - each limited to 2|2
Boomerang Thrower, Monkey Buccaneer, Banana Farm - each limited to 3|3
Ninja Monkey, Monkey Ace, Mortar Tower - unlimited upgrades

Video is on 6x speed
No Agent, Premium and Speciality
(Please comment if you have better strategy)

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