Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Daily Challenge May 19, 2013 (Sectional)(NAPS)

You might have to try round 42 a few time to be able to pass it due to the randomness of wizard and camo bloons. After you get your Robo Monkey, you should be able to beat the game fairly easy.

Sectional - Lightning Scar rounds 30-75 with a 2/4 Bomb Tower, 2/4 Glue Gunner, Super Monkey, Vilage, 4/2 Spike Factory and 4/2 Apprentice. One of each tower. By PeterHoHK

Video is on 3-5x speed
No Agent, Premium and Speciality
(Please comment if you have better strategy)
For more walkthrough:

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