Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Daily Challenge 8 October 2012 (Mirror Mirror o...

Mirror Mirror on the Clock - Left towers can only use upgrades similar to the right tower's, and vice versa. Clock easy from round 20 with 3,000 cash. 100 Lives. by Jlm7

Seriously, I don't understand the description, any one of you do? Anyway, below are the list of tower that you can build and upgrade.

Dart Monkey 2/4
Tack Shooter 4/2
Sniper 2/3
Boomerang 1/3
Ninja 1/0
Bomb 0/2
Ice 2/2
Glue 2/1
Ace 1/2
Apprentice 1/3
Super Monkey 2/0
Village 3/0
Banana 4/0
Mortar 2/4
Dartling 2/2

Video is on 2x speed
No Agent, No Premium, No Specialty Building & No life Lost
For more walkthrough:

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