Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Daily Challenge 11 October 2012 (All Around The...

All Around The World - Use towers whose ability affects all bloons on-screen. Upgrades limited to 2/4. Beat Snake River medium round 27-50. 8 Towers max. 3 per class. 1 sms provided. By Jlm7

Important Steps
1) Ace Monkey to fly in circle and make sure they are spread out.
2) Set your Glue Gunner to target Strong Bloons.
3) At Round 46 Use your sms for the MOAB.
4) At Round 50 use your Ground Zero Ability for the MOAB and immediately sell our existing Monkey Ace 2-4 to upgrade another Monkey Ace to 2-4, this way you have your Ground Zero Ability again :)
5) Win!!!

Video is on 2.2x speed
No Agent, No Premium & No Specialty Building

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