Monday, 24 September 2012

Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Daily Challenge 24 September 2012 (Booming in S...

Booming in Space - Beat rounds 20-65 on Space Truckin' hard with Boomerang Throwers, Bomb Towers and mortars all limited to 4/3. 7 towers max. 3 of each. Start with 2,000 cash. By NinjaBase

In the beginning, build 2 Boomerang Thrower (1 without upgrade and 1 with 2-0 upgrade). At Round 22, sell the Boomerang Thrower (without upgrade) to have enough money to upgrade your other Boomerang Thrower to Glaive Riccochet (3-0). After that, build a Mortar Signal Flare (2-3) as soon as possible to pop camo bloons & make them visible. It is pretty easy from now onwards, you will need a total of 3 MOAB mauler (bomb tower 2-3) and 3 Glaive Lord (Boomerang Thrower 4-2), don't forget to set your MOAB mauler to aim for strong bloons. Have Fun!!

Video is on 2-4x speed
No Agent, No Premium & No Specialty Building

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