Friday, 21 September 2012

Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Daily Challenge 21 September 2012 (Tricky Bloons)

Tricky Bloons - Aim your Mortar Tower well on this challenge. They're the only way to hit  camo or lead bloons. Slalom hard round 28-65. Start with 6,000 cash. 8 towers max.

At the start, Build Monkey Village 1st for the 10% discount, then ,Mortar, Ace and Buccaneer. It does not really matter which one you upgrade first but you must remember to get your Mortar to 2-3 upgrades before round 33 to hit Camo Bloons. Once you have at least once (but please get two) Bucaneer with 4-1 upgrade, it is pretty much a win!!!

Video is on 3x speed
No Agent, No Premium & No Specialty Building

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